Blog : Oakland Digital Arts and Literacy Center

Don Tamaki and the Oakland Digital Arts and Literacy Center mentions MT managing partner Don Tamaki in a Nov. 16 blog post on the Oakland Digital Arts and Literacy Center:

[Shaun] Tai’s vision and enthusiasm soon caught the attention of prominent San Francisco attorney Donald K. Tamaki, a partner at Minami Tamaki LLP, who specializes in business and nonprofit law. He helped Tai formally establish the Oakland Digital Arts & Literacy Center as a non-profit organization.

In Tai, Tamaki recognized a fellow social visionary with his feet on the ground and his brain fully engaged. Tai’s youth (age 29) didn’t faze Tamaki. As a UC Berkeley student 20 years ago, Tamaki and three fellow students had created the Asian Health Services, which now experiences approximately 80,000 patient visits per year.

Tamaki also understands the power of drive that’s connected to a passion for social justice. A nationally recognized “Super Lawyer,” he served as a member of the pro bono legal team that successfully reopened the landmark Supreme Court cases of Fred Korematsu, Gordon Hirabayashi and Minoru Yasui and overturned their convictions for refusing to be interned during World War II. He lectures at UC Berkeley in connection with these historic legal events.

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