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Educating Seniors About Traffic Safety

Since the 1950s, San Francisco pedestrians have faced a steady risk of being injured or killed by motorists.

Senior citizens, in particular, face the greatest risk for being fatally injured when hit by cars. A S.F. Health Department’s study of pedestrian deaths revealed that while adults 65 years of age and older account for 15% of the city’s total population, they account for nearly 50% of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents.

As an attorney who has handled numerous cases in Japantown, I have seen too many tragedies of accidents with the elderly. After my last case involving Kenji Suzuki’s unfortunate death, I felt that public education of the elderly in Japantown was necessary to prevent future deaths and injuries.

So, with the generosity of the Suzuki/Sato families, we decided to do SOMETHING about this problem and created a website, Please share this website with elderly Japanese Americans and their families who live, work and visit Japantown.