Representative Cases: Please note that every legal matter is different. The outcome of each legal case depends upon many factors, including the facts of the case, and no attorney can guarantee a positive result in any particular case. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Minister Killed by Drunk Driver – $3.9 Million Recovery

Our clients’ father, a 61-year-old Methodist minister, was hit head-on by a drunk driver who swerved over the median into his lane. Our clients’ father died of his injuries 16 days later. Our clients, the minister’s daughters, filed claims against the driver and his employer for negligence and punitive damages. Partners Dale Minami and Mark Fong alleged that the driver was acting in the course and scope of his employment at the time of the accident, which made the employer vicariously liable for his negligent and reckless conduct. The clients’ claims settled for a total of $3,900,000. After the settlement, Mark Fong convinced the decedent’s health insurer to waive its lien for reimbursement for his medical bills totaling $613,000, which allowed the daughters to net that much more from their settlement.

Motor Vehicle Collision – $1.5 Million Recovery

Our clients were the parents of two young adult passengers in a car who were killed in a collision when the car driven by inexperienced driver from Japan made a left hand turn and was crushed by an SUV travelling in the opposite direction.  The SUV driver claimed to be going 35 miles per hour but we recovered the “black box” which proved she was actually speeding at 65 miles-per-hour, 20 miles-per-hour over the speed limit.  The driver of the car whom our clients’ children were riding in was an unlicensed driver whose father lived in Japan.  We alleged that the father was negligent in entrusting a car to his inexperienced driver who had once failed a driver’s license test.  The case also presented jurisdiction problems since the father lived in Japan.  Nevertheless, we were able to obtain recoveries for the policy limits of $500,000 from the SUV and from the unlicensed driver and her father for negligent entrustment despite his residence in Japan.  Dale Minami was the attorney for the parents.

Truck Jackknifed and Killed Pedestrian – $3.5 Million Recovery

Our clients were the 38 year-old wife and two minor children of the deceased who was killed on a Sacramento freeway when he had crashed his car and had to walk on the freeway shoulder to seek help.  A big rig truck travelling in the same direction lost control, jackknifed in the rain and struck and killed the deceased.  Defendants initially claimed the truck simply fishtailed out of control on the slick roadway but we proved that the brakes malfunctioned, causing the jackknife.  Extensive litigation, the case settled for $4.5 million.  Dale Minami represented the family of the deceased.

Wrongful Death – Pedestrian v. Truck: $500,000 Recovery

We represented the family of an 88 year-old man who was run over by an 18-wheel truck while walking across the street in Oakland California.  Both he and the truck were at a stop light heading in the same direction.  When the light turned green the man began to cross in the crosswalk, and made it halfway across the intersection when the truck driver made a right turn and ran over him, killing him instantly.  There were no witnesses and the defendant truck driver denied fault, claiming the man was in his blind spot.  We obtained video from a security camera outside of a store on the corner where the accident occurred which clearly showed the driver failed to see the pedestrian or make any attempt to avoid the collision.  The driver then pled guilty to a misdemeanor manslaughter conviction.  Dale Minami and William Kwong settled this case for $500,000.

Wrongful Death – Accident in Company Vehicle:  $725,000 Recovery

The surviving wife and daughter of a man who died in a car crash sued the driver of the man’s insurance company who was driving the company van when it veered off the road and crashed.  He had been sleeping in the backseat of a company owned van when the company employee fell asleep and lost control of the van.  He later died at the hospital.  The employee driving the van had the company’s permission to use the vehicle but the insurance companies argued that it did not cover the owner.  The man’s wife and daughter filed a lawsuit based on future wage loss, medical expenses, funeral costs, and loss of the care, comfort, guidance and support the husband would have provided to his family.  Dale Minami settled the case was settled with the employer before going to trial.

Negligence – Student Killed by Tire of Truck Trailer: $ 1 Million Recovery

We represented a 23 year-old brilliant student who wanted to attend medical school to help other people.  Driving on a freeway on her way to volunteer at hospital in Santa Barbara, a wheel of a commercial truck trailer travelling in the opposite direction broke loose, bounced over the center divider and flew through her windshield, killing her instantaneously.  The Defendants, who were the trailer’s owner and the company which fabricated the wheel, disputed responsibility although it was clear that our client’s daughter was not at fault.  The problem was that the company which fabricated the faulty wheel assembly was uninsured and the commercial truck’s insurance was insured for only $ 1 million and had no other assets which could pay for a larger amount.  The case settled for the $1 Million policy limits of the trailer owner.  Dale Minami, Mark Fong and Seth Rosenberg represented the Plaintiffs.

Pedestrian Killed by Bus: $425,000 Recovery

Our client was the 95 year-old mother of a man who was run over by a City bus in San Francisco.  While crossing the street on a green light, the man saw the bus driver run the red light and frantically waved his arms to get the driver’s attention. Despite this, the bus driver hit our client’s son and dragged him until a witness yelled and honked at the driver to stop.  The man was taken to the hospital where he suffered for five days, until he could no longer fight and his life support was removed. Dale Minami settled his mother’s wrongful death claim for $425,000.

Cable Car Strikes Pedestrian: Wrongful Death: $500,000 Recovery

Our clients were the children of a 76 year old woman who was struck by a cable car while walking across the street near her home in the North Beach area of San Francisco and later died. Passengers aboard the cable car saw our clients’ mother walking slowly in the crosswalk before she was hit and yelled at the operator to stop. The decedent was vision and hearing impaired, so did not see or hear the cable car approaching.  Plaintiffs sued the City and the cable car operator for wrongful death. Mark Fong represented the Plaintiffs and obtained a settlement for them of $500,000.