San Francisco has been rated one of the best walking cities in the country, but it is also one of the highest in terms of accidents involving pedestrians. Seniors, in particular, face the greatest risk of being fatally injured when struck by motor vehicles. A 2016 report from the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office noted that 63% of pedestrian fatalities were seniors, although seniors make up only 15% of the City’s population. Further, 88% of all pedestrian fatalities were people aged 60 and older. Last, senior pedestrians were five times more likely than younger people to die from a vehicular collision.

At Minami Tamaki we have seen too many seniors injured or killed while walking or riding in the Bay Area. To combat this, we have led many pedestrian safety seminars at senior centers and civic and community organizations; published and distributed pedestrian safety brochures in different languages; and created public service announcements which have been broadcast on Chinese language television. As examples, see “Left Turn PSA” and “Pedestrian Safety PSA” or watch these PSAs below.

Representing seniors who suffer personal injuries or death due to the negligence of others presents unique challenges due to the victims’ age and preexisting health conditions. At Minami Tamaki, we recognize our senior clients often are the source of guidance, wisdom, and support to generations of their families, and we do our utmost to highlight this to obtain maximum compensation for them.

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