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Minami Tamaki’s Consumer & Employee Rights Group litigates class actions and individual cases on behalf of consumers, investors, and employees who have been harmed by illegal or unfair business or employment practices. Minami Tamaki attorneys have a sterling record of success representing tens of thousands of individuals in class action and individual cases. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

Consumers, investors, and employees who are victimized by consumer fraud and workplace violations often lack the resources to fight back on their own. In many cases, the only way to protect the rights of our clients against corporate greed is through class action litigation. Class actions allow consumers and employees to join together to pursue their legal claims as a group. Through the class action vehicle, consumers and employees can hold corporations responsible, recover their losses, and ensure fairness in the marketplace.

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Consumer Rights

Minami Tamaki litigates CONSUMER CLASS ACTIONS that arise from many different types of corporate misconduct, including but not limited to:

• Undisclosed, unfair, or unwarranted fees;
• Ponzi schemes and manipulative bookkeeping;
• Price-fixing and anti-competitive practices;
• Products Liability: Manufacturing or design defects, dangerous products, failure to warn;
• False advertising of products or services;
• Violations of privacy, including data breaches of personal or financial information;
• Breaches of contracts or warranties; and
• Any other unfair or deceptive practice that adversely affect consumers.

Worker Rights

Minami Tamaki has litigated civil rights cases since 1974 and is dedicated to enforcing WORKERS RIGHTS in a broad spectrum of practice areas, including but not limited to:

• Failure to pay minimum wage and overtime owed to employees
• Failure to reimburse employees for expenses incurred as a result of their employment;
• Failure to provide off-duty, uninterrupted meal or rest breaks;
• Misclassification of employees as independent contractors;
• Wrongful termination;
• Sexual harassment;
• Whistleblower retaliation;
• False claims to receive government funds;
• Employment agreements and severance negotiations; and
• Race, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation and disability discrimination.


“I would like to thank Lisa Mak and the entire team at Minami Tamaki for their guidance and support with my case. Lisa Mak was extremely helpful in helping me understand the legal process. She helped answer my questions and was extremely thorough. She was professional, responsive and knowledgeable. Thank you.” – J. Cortez

“I’ve always worked hard at my jobs and had never filed a legal action in my life. But I started experiencing workplace issues along with hardships caring for my kids and my significant other. I unfairly lost my job and thought my life was going down the drain. Then I was referred to the Minami Tamaki firm and met Lisa Mak. I went through tears explaining my employment termination to Lisa. She was extremely caring and really took time to understand the situation I was going through at work and at home. She was detailed, creative, experienced, kept me updated about my case, and felt like a caring friend advocating for me. From my unfortunate life experience, I met a trusted and fine human being. I’m finally back on my feet. I found a decent job and was pleased with the outcome from my legal case. I feel that Lisa and the Minami Tamaki firm is the start of where I got my life back together. Thanks for everything.” – W. Yee

“In life there are things and events you just cannot predict or prepare for.  I was very fortunate to have been referred to the Minami Tamaki Firm.  Lisa Mak’s exceptional counsel made all the difference.  Throughout our engagement, Lisa was extremely thoughtful, wise, detailed, creative, and really took the time to understand what the best resolution would be for me.  She was my ace and I couldn’t have survived without her.  Thank you Lisa!” – Tina L.

“I conducted an extensive search to find an attorney to help me with an employment related matter. This was the first time I ever engaged in legal action so I had no idea what to expect. Fortune and fate led me to Minami Tamaki. Lisa Mak is an exceptional attorney who was thoughtful, helpful, detailed and effective throughout our engagement, which resulted in a satisfying resolution. Most importantly, Lisa was an excellent partner. Every case has its peaks and valleys. Lisa’s collaborative approach and extensive experience with the issues in my case made it a smooth journey the entire way.” – Warren D.

“What really matters most is when we were initially confronted with the circumstances, [my husband] and I were somewhat lost and feeling very vulnerable. Our life savings was taken from us and we were still pretty scared when we met you.  With that being said, I trusted you from day one and knew that we were in good hands.  I do not only feel we had great attorneys, but out of this unfortunate circumstance, we met some fine human beings.” – Mary S.

“In many ways, I feel blessed and fortunate that chance brought me to Minami Tamaki, to meet you and the wonderful people there. It was rough going, but with you there, I always felt represented and protected during our meetings, the depos and mediation.” – Joyce W.

“I would like to express my gratitude and satisfaction to Jack Lee and Minami Tamaki for the handling of an attempted wrongful dismissal by my employer.  I learned the difference between office politics and the law and how not to confuse the two.  Jack’s personal advice also helped me to channel my emotions in a positive manner.  The case was difficult to prove, but with some persistence and sage advice, I was able to extend my employment by six years and retire with dignity.  Thank you.” – Ed M.

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