Minami Tamaki Investigating Huntington Beach Oil Spill

Minami Tamaki Investigating Huntington Beach Oil Spill

Minami Tamaki LLP is investigating Houston-based Amplify Energy Corporation (“Amplify Energy”), its subsidiaries, and other corporations for their role in the massive October 2, 2021, oil spill in Huntington Beach. 

A pipeline failure from an offshore facility operated by Beta Offshore, a subsidiary of Amplify Energy, resulted in over 126,000 gallons of oil being spilled out into the Pacific Ocean. According to reports, the spill has spanned as far as 50 miles from the original spill site.  

The spill can and is affecting many individuals and businesses including:

  • Local businesses in the tourism industry and other industries impacted by the oil spill;
  • Commercial fishers and other individuals working in the fishing industry;
  • Individuals whose health and safety have been put at risk; and
  • Property owners in the area. 

Moreover, the long-term damage to the ecosystem and wildlife is still unknown and may cause harm to the area for years to come.   

News reports have revealed that Beta Offshore has been cited numerous times for safety and environmental violations, dating back decades.  

If you have been impacted by the Huntington Beach Oil Spill or you simply wish to receive more information about our investigation, you may contact Consumer and Employee Rights Group (CERG) attorneys Sean Tamura-Sato, Lisa Mak, and Claire Choo online or at (415) 788-9000.  

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