Minami Tamaki Investigating Evenflo for Dangerous Child Car Seats

Minami Tamaki Investigating Evenflo for Dangerous Child Car Seats

Minami Tamaki is investigating allegations that Evenflo engaged in fraud and deceptive marketing in the sale of its Big Kid Booster seats. 

According to a February 2020 investigation by ProPublica, Evenflo advertised its Big Kid booster seats as “side impact tested” without revealing that its own tests showed that a child in its seats would likely be seriously injured in a side-impact car crash. 

According to the Evenflo test videos obtained by ProPublica, the child-sized crash test dummies in Big Kid booster seats were thrown out of their shoulder belts when subjected to a simulated “T-bone” collision. Evenflo’s engineer admitted that real children thrown in the same manner could suffer catastrophic injury to their head, neck, and spine, if not death. 

The ProPublica investigation states that Evenflo has known since at least 2008 that its Big Kid Booster car seats were potentially unsafe for children under forty pounds and under four years of age.  Despite this knowledge, Evenflo marketed the Big Kid Booster car seats as safe for children as light as 30 pounds. 

Recent reports about the dangers of Big Kid Booster car seats are particularly concerning because Evenflo heavily advertised its safety standards, and parents have alleged that they made purchasing decisions based on these representations. 

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