Intel Processor Security Investigation

Intel Processor Security Investigation

Minami Tamaki is investigating allegations that Intel Corporation processors suffer from defects that create significant security vulnerabilities for desktop computers, laptop computers, and servers.

In late 2017, information security researchers discovered vulnerabilities in Intel x86-64x processors that could allow unauthorized users to gather sensitive information from devices.  Researchers dubbed these security flaws “Meltdown” and “Spectre.”  

In an effort to patch the security vulnerabilities, Intel has issued updates to consumers.  However, the online publication The Register reported that the operating system updates necessary to address the Meltdown vulnerability would likely result in “a ballpark figure of five to 30 percent slow down, depending on the task and the processor model.”  

Affected consumers may thus be left with the choice of using devices vulnerable to attack by hackers, installing the patch and being left with devices with subpar performance, or purchasing entirely new devices.

Consumers have alleged that the security defect impacts millions of consumers, as Intel’s x86-64x processing units have been installed in most desktop computers, laptops, and servers over the last decade.

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