Passenger Injured by Reckless Taxi Driver Gets Help from Minami Tamaki

On April 29, 2011, Jane Doe was in Sacramento for work. She had just left a restaurant with colleagues and climbed into a taxi. The cab driver told her she was not the fare he was supposed to get and asked her to leave the cab.

Inexplicably, before she could fully step out of the cab, he started to drive off. As he did this, our client fell out of the cab and the cab ran over her right ankle, severely fracturing and dislocating it. While our client recovered well from surgery to her ankle, she will likely face future limitations and the early onset of arthritis in her ankle.

The cab company could not locate the cab driver after the accident, and refused to take responsibility for the actions of its driver claiming Ms. Doe should not have exited on the street side and that she was inebriated.

Led by Partner Seth Rosenberg, Minami Tamaki fought these arguments and others and eventually made the cab company accept responsibility.

The case recently settled for $181,000 in mediation, an excellent result for our happy client. This settlement is one of a long line of cab-related accidents that Minami Tamaki and Seth Rosenberg have resolved over the years.

Our Personal Injury Team knows the ins-and-outs of the cab industry, how cab companies are insured, and the employment relationship between cab companies and their drivers, which enables us to get the best possible results for our clients. We were ecstatic to get this result for our client and believe these types of results can enact positive change in the cab industry.

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