Don Tamaki Featured in Nihonmachi Little Friends Video

Partner Don Tamaki, head of Minami Tamaki LLP’s Corporate and Nonprofit Counseling practice, was featured in a recent video produced by Nihonmachi Little Friends, a private, nonprofit childcare center in San Francisco Japantown. In the video, Don recounts the fight over the historic building, home to Nihonmachi Little Friends, which was at risk in the late 1990s of being sold by the YWCA, even though it was not their building to sell. The building was founded by Nisei women who placed the building in trust with the YMCA in the 1940s because the U.S. government incarcerated Japanese Americans during World War II. When the YWCA tried to sell the building, Don and a team of attorneys helped stop the sale and settled with the YWCA, resulting in the preservation of the historic building.

Don’s section in the video begins at 04:01.

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