Dale Minami Helps Couple Hold Waiter Accountable for Negligence

On August 3, 2012, Brad and Karen Y., a married couple and both 38, went to lunch at the Wayfare Tavern Restaurant in San Francisco, California.

While seated and enjoying their food, a waiter, carrying a large urn, containing approximately 64 ounces of boiling hot coffee, spilled its contents down the right side of Brad’s face and torso causing excruciating first and second degree burns to 20% of his face and injuries including  severe blistering burns to his right cheek, neck and ear, ringing of the ears, eschar of the right cheek and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Karen was a witness to the horrific ordeal and suffered post-traumatic stress disorder.

Brad treated with plastic surgeons for six months and still continues to suffer from sensitivity to the skin on the right side of his face; he was also treated for post-traumatic stress anxiety disorders, migraines and tinnitus. Karen was treated for post-traumatic stress disorder with a therapist at Kaiser for the horrible accident to her husband which she witnessed.

Dale Minami, counsel for the couple, that Brad, who had just lost his job 2 days prior to the accident, was unable to interview for a new job for 3 months  with a total loss of earnings capacity of approximately $18,000.  Karen was advised to stay from work for approximately three days, due to her injuries and suffered wage loss in the amount of $1,500.00.

Dale argued that the restaurant’s waiter was 100% negligent and liable for the incident.  Ultimately settled the case for $100,000 globally for the couple.

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